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The import of car parts, goods and the transport of goods requires experience. More than anywhere else in the shipping industry, efficiency and accuracy are key when shipping this type of cargo. Deadlines must be met and cargo must arrive safely at its destination without interruptions, as stores, suppliers, factories and other third parties depend on this cargo. But of course we also have many years of experience in the transport of industrial goods , moving goods and special transports incl. Oversized goods and general cargo.

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We are happy to assist you in shipping spare parts for classic cars, motor vehicles, motorcycles or other commercial products from the USA to Germany. Many US retailers, and especially private sellers, refuse to ship overseas or offer it overpriced.

In consultation with the consignor, CFR Europe takes over the collection in the USA and the further transport in our collection containers to Bremerhaven, where the customs clearance and, if desired, the delivery takes place. Some sellers also offer only one US Domestic Shipping and we take the goods to one of our warehouses for shipment.

Please inform your seller that only sufficiently packed items and parts can be picked up, ie packed in boxes or boxes, bracing motors and gearboxes securely on a pallet.

Please refrain from inquiries of individual packages or suitcases. This service can offer parcel service providers cheaper

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Whether engine, tires, rims or body parts with our regular container service you save on freight costs. In consultation with the consignor, CFR Europe takes over the collection in the USA and the further transport in our collection containers to Bremen. In Bremen , the customs clearance and, if desired, the delivery takes place


CFR Europe has specialized staff with many years of experience in the cargo industry.Whether it’s a factory in a remote location in Idaho that’s supposed to deliver ten containers to Africa or a local seller near one of our port locations with a small box of products that will be in Australia a few days later – We do it for you.

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We have years of experience handling commercial freight, household goods and complex projects, including oversize and general cargo.


Of course we also organize the delivery to your doorstep. Whether vehicle, pallet goods or “bulky items”. All from one hand.


We take over the import processing of your goods and of course do all the formalities here.

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