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CFR Europe is best known for car shipping , but we are also one of the largest shippers of boats and other vessels from the United States and Canada to the rest of the world. The shipping of a boat may seem like a challenge at first, but once our experts explain the process to you, it will seem easy.

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Boat Transport

We offer various types of boat transport: 
Some boats can fit in ocean containers and our loading crews are experts at loading watercraft.

Some boats are too big for containers, but we can still ship them using:

Roll-on roll-off (ro-ro) service – if it has a trailer. 
Lift-on-Lift-Off (Lo-Lo) service – when it’s on a trailer. 
Open-top or flat-rack containers – for large yachts.

Roll-on-Roll-Off (Ro-Ro)
Yacht Transport ship
Lift-on-Lift-Off (Lo-Lo)
Boot Transport USA

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