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CFR Europe is an expert in the handling of removals. We regularly receive inquiries as to whether one can also “take away” a car duty-free and VAT-free to Germany if one has lived and worked for a certain amount of time in the USA (or generally outside the EU). The general answer is yes, but of course not without regulations. For this purpose, we are available to advise you and explain all the conditions that must be met.

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No move is like the last. Due to the large number of removal packages and shipping methods to Germany that we offer, the final costs for an overseas move to Germany vary. There are a few key factors, such as the amount of moving goods, from where you move away, where you want to move and your desired shipping method. Whether as an additional load or as an exclusive container, we will find the right move option that suits your budget and your schedule.

The additional load is cheaper, but it may not be shipped immediately because the container needs to be filled with more cargo.

The exclusive container offers faster shipping and the container contains only your goods. However, shipping costs are not shared with other customers.

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International Moving

Treten Sie mit einem unserer erfahrenen Berater in Kontakt, um sich für Ihren speziellen Umzug beraten zu lassen. Unser professionelles Netzwerk von Mitarbeitern steht Ihnen bei jedem Schritt Ihres Auslandsaufenthalts und der Planung des Umzugs zur Seite. CFR Europe bietet von der Komplettverpackung bis hin zur Lieferung des ganzen Containers vor Ihre neue Haustüre. Wir realisieren den internationalen Versand nach Asien, Europa, dem Nahen Osten oder wohin auch immer Sie umziehen wollen.

+++ Due to Covid-19: Limited warehouse opening hours for drop-off and collect: Mo-Fr from 7:00-15:30 !!! +++